Not bothered!

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Ahmed.
Ahmed was never bothered πŸ˜•
He would wake up in the morning after brushing his teeth, whether he wore black or white he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
He had breakfast, two toast. Whether he had jam or butter he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
He walked to school or caught the bus 🚌 he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
Whether he was late or on time he wasn’t botheredΒ  πŸ˜•
He looks at the weather, whether it was the sun or rain he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
Lunchtime comes! Whether he has sandwiches or chips 🍟 he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
Hometime he runs home, smiling or crying, he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
“How was school?” It was okayyyyy. I don’t careeeee. He wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
He gets ready for Madrasah with a cookie in his mouth. Learning sabaq, one page or half a page he wasn’t bothered πŸ˜•
He comes to Madrasah with a smile sits down and says I don’t know my sabaq!! Teacher says stand up! “Stand or sit I’m not bothered” πŸ˜•
He goes home and runs to bed. He thinks, “I’m just nottt botheredddd!!”
This was written to show how laid back some children are. How ungrateful children can be sometimes. I am sure many parents can relate to this.
Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia

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