Memories Of Martyrs – Sumayya Essack

Extremely impressive poetry…Ma Sha Allah!

Treasures Of The Ummah

The sky casts a momentary twilight glow over the silent, dark streets.
The hush of the city is disturbed by a sudden rumble of thunder as it rolls across the sky, quietly at first, and then with a startling bang that causes the sturdy building walls to vibrate and the floors to shudder. The lights in my bedroom flicker and then disappear, leaving me drowning in a sea of darkness.

I am lost.

The luminous moon has hidden its striking rays behind a puff of grey clouds, and the stars seem to run for cover as the sky trembles with anger.

I am afraid.

There is no hand to hold me, no light to guide me, and no one besides me.

Groans of thunder follow a sudden flash of lightning, and I use its light to hastily switch on a torch. I run for cover beneath my soft duvet covers…

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