Muharram & Hussain RA

“All that glitters isn’t gold.”
Tis that time of the year again when we remember the martyrdom of Hussain RA and others who were Shaheed in Muharram. We remember Hussain RA; His hardship, his suffering and sacrifice. Even though it was the head of Hussain RA that was cut off, he was not the one who lost. There are many lessons to learn from the Martyrdom of Hussain RA.
Just like Hamza RA, whose body was mutilated, but where are his enemies today? And the greatest example, the Prophet SAW who in Uhud lost his tooth and He SAW was pelted with stones in Taif. But nobody would say the Prophet SAW was the one who lost out.
Perspective, understanding and maturity are three important qualities we all need to embrace. We need to learn from our own situation and that of others.
So whatever you are going through in life, don’t always listen to what people have to say. Don’t let people misjudge you. Always remember the one who is great in Allah’s eyes is (truly) great.
If your business went down, you lost your only child or you’re going through a divorce. . . Ask yourself did it bring you closer to Allah?
Ismail ibn Nazir Satia
10th Muharram 1438

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