Ten Lessons learnt from 2015


  1. Don’t expect anything from anyone, no matter how much kindness you show.
  2. Whoever wants to do something will do it, those who do not want to will find excuses.
  3. Don’t trust anyone, people are hypocritical and two-faced – no matter how religious they appear.
  4. Don’t wait for people to apologise, they don’t. Getting an apology from some people is like getting blood out of a stone.
  5. Nothings lasts: not happiness nor sadness.
  6. Honesty and openness don’t exist, not even in so-called religious folk. Both are as extinct as dinosaurs.
  7. Solitude is bliss.
  8. Know your worth, don’t let anyone put you down.
  9. If people are arrogant, self-centred and stubborn – don’t complain! Thank God you are not like them.
  10. Having trust in God works wonders, especially in times when you least expect.


I request brothers and sisters to write their own lesson(s) learnt from this last year In Sha Allah, in the comments below.


Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia (one who is in dire need of Allah’s forgiveness, mercy and pleasure)

8 thoughts on “Ten Lessons learnt from 2015

  1. Always remember no matter how good of a deed your doing, or whatever happiness you have people always will try to make problems and destroy you therefore keep strong, don’t give up and know that Allah SWT puts people like that in this world for a reason. So we realise ultimately that happiness isn’t in this world but only is there when you turn to your creator 🙂 Not only this but we all want justice but we must understand justice isnt designed for this world but its for the next world (cant wait! lol)

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  2. If I was to write mine down, they would be same as number 1, 2, 7, 10. Number 7 especially. Lol. Also that whatever Allāh ﷻ wants, is what will happen, no matter how close you’re to getting what you want. If Allah doesn’t want it to happen, nobody can make it happen. And vice verse. – InshaAllah, may this year, and the years to come, be better than the last, for you and for the rest of us also. Aameen.

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  3. Lesson learnt in 2015 – Not everyone who lends an ear actually cares. Be mindful of who you spill your beans to because for most it’s hot story off the press. Very, very few actually care and have your best interests at heart and hey, that isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s not negativity. It’s all about being clever, watchful and not naive. I remember my dad always correcting me when I’d say so and so is my friend. He’d say X is not your friend, he is your acquaintance. Know the difference.

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    1. JazakAllah Khayran for sharing your thoughts, I agree. In Urdu we use the word ‘chalak’, which defines a LOT of people in this day and age! Lol.

      Allah saves us from chalak people and becoming chalak.

      Your father’s words should be written in stone, priceless truth in them – Allah bless him.


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