I am a Terrorist…

Featured Image -- 107I love my religion – Islam,

I follow it peacefully and adhere to its teachings,

I spread love and compassion, but

I am a Terrorist.

I love my Prophet – Muhammad (pbuh),

I follow his Companions (RA),

And relay their message, but

I am a Terrorist.

I love my God – the God of us all,

I love Jesus, Mary, Moses, Abraham and Noah (AS),

I read the Qur’an – the message of Obedience, Unity and Mercy,

I teach this to my children, but

I am a Terrorist.0e33b0efd3e24d24c6f7531efdbc7313[1]

I call myself a Muslim,

I have a long, thick beard,

I wear long clothes, like Jesus, Moses and Muhammad (AS),

These were three men on the same mission, but

I am a Terrorist.

I call myself a Muslimah,

I cover myelf head to toe modestly, just like Mary (RA),

I reserve my body for my husband’s eyes,

I don’t show it off for promoting and advertise, but

I am a Terrorist.

I follow the Prophetic way by washing my hands before I eat,

I am aware of cleanliness and hygiene,

I only eat that which God ordains Halal,

I follow God’s guidance and command, but

I am a Terrorist.

I eat Fish and Chips, I just don’t eat Pork,

I support my local team – Blackburn Rovers and go down to the club,

I just don’t dance throughout the night and drink in a pub,

I can marry up to four women, yes that’s a lot,

I know you might think why four?

Simply because women in ratio to men are a lot more,

I must treat each one fair as Islam promotes justice, but

I am a Terrorist.

I work 9 – 5, to enjoy and spend my life,

With family and friends and a beautiful wife,

I look after my body, eat healthy and go to the gym,

I love my Saturday night takeaway, but still try and look slim,

I try and live an ordinary life, make friends and mix in, but

I am a Terrorist.

I pray five times a day, bowing and prostrating,

I pray to God to help us, each one and all,

I fast in Ramadhan, up to 18 hours without food and drink,

I help the poor by giving alms and charity, wherever they may be in the world,

I promote unity and treating people fairly, but

I am a Terrorist.

Part 2

IMG-20120619-WA005 I am a child from Palestine whose land was stolen,

I had my olive trees burnt, my house destroyed,

I saw my father and mother imprisoned, we were all starved and humiliated,

I could do nothing, helpless, hopeless, so I threw a stone back, but

I am a Terrorist.

This is a picture of a boy in Iraq who lost his mum, So he drew a picture of her and sleeps next to it every night.

I am a widow of Iraq,

I bleed because my country has been demolished for over a decade,

I heard my husband get shot whilst sleeping next to me,

I saw them come for my daughters, rape them one after the other,

I cannot forget how my sons were dragged from my house, beaten and kicked – the coolness of my eyes, but

I am a Terrorist.

I am the father of seven, situated in Afghanistan,

I have lost my leg and an arm in this war,

I saw my house bombed overnight, planes flying and drones,

I heard my children crying, my wife screaming, house on fire – they were left dying,

I have nobody but God to help me now, but

I am a Terrorist.

I am Syria, the land of the Prophets (AS),

I have scholars buried inside me; Ibn Kathir and Nawawi (RH),

I have just gone through my fifth year of war, fighting bombing, turmoil and uproar,

I see my people suffering, starving, cold and dying,

I am devastated by all this killing, bloodshed and massacre,

I can sense the brutality, savagery and inhumanity,

I remember how God taught us the importance of sanctity of life,

I was taught killing an innocent person is equal to killing the entire humankind, but

I am a Terrorist.


Ismail Ibn Nazir Satia

10th Rajab 1436

This poem was written to show the paradox of the world today. And how ironic the Media and their propaganda is against the Muslims. Clearly, they can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent. They highlight and magnify certain Islamic groups and rotten apples, then judge the whole tree, clearly this is biased and unfair.

“Learning Islam from the Media is like learning colours from a blind man! You can’t teach what you don’t know.”

4 thoughts on “I am a Terrorist…

  1. Very compassionately written and sadly a glimpse of a reality, which we are lucky enough not to experience. Although many individuals are empathic to the terrorism label given to Muslims, many are ignorant and classify disturbed individuals (actual terrorists) as a reflection of Islam. To take a life is completely against Islam as we do not have the right over another (no religion can allow this).

    May Allah give strength to all those whom suffer, each and every person, regardless of colour, ethnicity, faith and wealth.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MashaAllah. Very very true. May Allah reward you for all your hard efforts and enable you to carry on the great work, creating more and more awareness in the society.

    Liked by 1 person

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