Faking It

The Ummah is full of Hypocrites!
Allah save us from NIfaq. Ameen

Seeking Sincerity

Forced smiles
False compliments
Crocodile tears
Exaggerated laments
Why do people pretend?

Fake behavior
Meaningless handshakes
Empty promises
Endless heartbreaks
What do they get?

Unreal love
Nonexistent affection
Unfair play
Total deception
Will they ever stop?

I feel helpless
Life go by
People taken for a ride
One they can never enjoy.

Some naive; betrayed,
And heartbroken.
I understand it all
But I can’t conclude
I’m just confused.

I don’t want to see them bruised
Manipulated, used.
Every injustice they have suffered
The angels have recorded
So there’s no point in me seeing red.

Even those that pretend
Are not content
As they’re but ruining their own lives
By pretending all their life.

They’ve created
Their little own make-believe world
Where they’re playing their so-called roles
Without a care for their souls


This is not about those who pretend to be strong because they don’t want to appear…

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